Shannon Lee


About Shannon:


Shannon Lee is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.


She has over 23 years of experience working as a therapist with a highly diverse population of individuals, couples, children, adolescents, and families. Shannon is down-to-earth and has a positive, warm, supportive manner with a direct solution-focused approach. She focuses on the present, working with each client to increase awareness and insight, purge past painful experiences, and acquire and apply skills to improve functioning and decrease maladaptive symptoms. She collaborates with the individual concerning desired therapeutic outcomes and goals and will work to help each client empower themselves, using an enthusiastic nonjudgmental approach.


Shannon has extensive experience working with children and adolescents. Shannon worked in residential group homes (Level 12) for nearly ten years, with a diverse population of children and teens placed in out-of-home care due to severe behavioral and emotional problems. She has worked with abused, neglected, and delinquent children and children and teens struggling with teen issues and parent conflict. She has worked closely with the Department of Probation and other community organizations. Historically, Shannon collaborated with the Department of Probation to help promote juveniles to acquire skills to assist them in making healthy choices and moving forward confidently in their lives, reuniting with their families, and succeeding in the home, community, and school settings.


Her work with parents is to encourage them to gain positive parenting skills. She works closely with each parent, encouraging parents to identify and take responsibility for their parenting style and practices, implement new strategies, and make necessary changes. Shannon utilizes psychoeducation, resources, role-playing, and modeling of positive parenting skills when working with each parent. She supports parents to validate and understand their children and to improve connection, consistency, and follow-through.


Depending on presenting information and goals, Shannon will integrate several treatment modalities to assist each client with improving functioning and using the well-researched, effective methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy, including DBT and several other treatment modalities, tailored to suit the client. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy-D.B.T. is an evidence-based approach for effectively treating impulsive behavior, oppositional defiant behavior, and self-injuring behavior. Trained in DBT, Shannon uses this modality or components of this modality when working with many of her clients. Other approaches for treatment might include client-centered, humanistic, positive psychology, and parent coaching. The approach for treatment depends on each client and their presenting problems and goals.


When Shannon is not working, she surfs, creates, and makes art or music. Shannon also appreciates education and learning and is regularly pursuing educational goals. Providing effective treatment and staying informed with current developments and research in psychology is necessary and rewarding for Shannon.

A message from Shannon

I imagine you have come here to find support to feel better and improve your quality of life and that something is adversely affecting you or your relationship with others. I have been licensed as an LMFT (47482) (see or since 2009 and currently accruing hours as a psychological associate (PSB 94025773) supervised by Dr. Wray De Anda PSY 25484. I will work to align with you, understand you as a unique individual and your therapy goals, and help you find solutions to problems and take action to change. I use a positive, straightforward action-oriented, skills-based approach.

I work with individuals (ages 18-99) and young adults (ages 18-25) regarding various issues and topics. I work with parents encouraging them to gain positive parenting skills, identify and take responsibility for their parenting style and practices, implement new strategies, and make necessary changes for self-improvement.

I understand it can be challenging to reach out and ask for help. Please rest assured that no matter what issues you are dealing with, I will provide you with a safe place to process, gain insight, and create a plan for change.

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